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Inventory screen

I'm not sure when this was changed but just so you know I don't like the change. Right now when you hit 'i' it brings up your inventory and asks what item you want to select. the only way to get out of it is to select an item which then brings up a list of things you can do with the item. BTW squelch or destroy is missing from the list of actions that can be taken.

Most of the time I bring up the inventory screen though is not to select an item to do something with but simply to look at what I have or compare what I have to equipment I'm wearing. I go back and forth between inventory and equipment a lot and now this does not work. I'm also used to opening the inventory screen to see what I have and then deciding to 'q'uaff or 'r'ead something prior to selecting the item which is also different now. Also once you bring up the inventory screen your next key has to be an item slot you currently have or the escape key, pressing any other key results in absolutely nothing happening making you think your game is stuck.

I guess I can get used to it but it is annoying not being able to just browse my inventory. Also I cannot use a terminal window to display it as I do not have any real estate left on my monitor.

*edit* I just found I can use the '/' key to swap between inventory and equipment so that makes things easier. One small bug, an unidentified ring of delving gave me the option to 'A'ctivate it when selected.
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You should be able to clear the inventory screen by pressing ESC. At least, I've had no difficulty doing this.

Being unable to go "view inventory -> quaff a potion -> select potion to quaff" seems to me to be mostly a matter of retraining your muscle memory, since now you can do "view inventory -> select item -> quaff", the same keystrokes just in a different order. And being able to select an item from the inventory screen and be told how you can interact with it is a win for newbies. Though squelch should be an option; good catch.
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I'm pretty sure these changes are a result of Blubaron's enhanced mouse support work, and if so then they've been applied to 3.4-dev too. I think the best solution to the browsing problem would be to have the game automatically 'I'nspect the selected item before offering the action menu. Unfortunately this is quite difficult to implement because we only have sequential display of info at the moment, and no way to overlay the action menu on top of the 'I'nspect info (see Jeff's new UI thread for the future).

The ring of delving is WAD - you can attempt to activate unIDd items, and discover their activation that way. I guess purists would say that every unIDd item ought to have an Activate option in the action menu, which is then removed once you discover that it in fact has no activation. But I'm not convinced that that would enhance the game.
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I can press escape to get out of the inventory screen but it is way over in the corner of my screen where my fingers don't normally go, basically just a minor annoyance. Yes I realize a lot of it is retraining muscle memory however there are also some inconsistencies in the menus. After selecting an item I can use the arrow keys to navigate and select the action for it however I cannot use the arrow keys to select the item in the first place.

After selecting an item I cannot choose 'q' to quaff it, and if i choose 'e' to equip it it asks me where to throw it. So basically I have to learn a whole new set of commands depending on whether I already selected the item I want to do the action to or not.

Also if I hit 'i' to view my inventory I can use '/' to switch between inventory and equipment. OTOH if I hit 'e' to view equipment I cannot hit '/' to switch to inventory.

Finally, if I bring up the equipment window i can hit any key to remove the menu, including space which works nicely for clearing it, but if I bring up the inventory screen and hit '/' to see equipment I have to use escape to get out of the equipment menu. Would it at least be possible to use the space bar to clear whatever menu is on the screen? It is much easier than escape and is already used to clear -more- messages so it's a built in behaviour for angbanders.
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If you have a numeric keypad the Clear key often have the same functionality as the Escape Key. Very convenient. Works for me on my Macbook.

OK, testing with v4 reveals that the Clear key works for the equipment screen but not inventory. Weird. And yes, you can go from equipment screen to inventory by hitting 'i', but nor from inventory to equipment by hitting 'e'.

A small bug perhaps?
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Yes, this is part of the expanded mouse support that I wrote.

I just added a squelch menu option (ignore/unignore) and a drop all option, but they have not been pushed yet. I'll push them to git later tonight.

About going back to the inventory page from 'e', that is still the original equipment command in v4. At first I only changed the 'i' command so there would be less to undo if people didn't like it and to provide a comparison. The 'e' command changes are in V, but still have to be added to V4.

Both commands use the get_item() function, the same as the inspect and verb-item commands, so they will behave the same. So in addition to '/' to change the inventory page, you can press '-' for floor items. (you can also click the top line to cycle between the three pages.) Also any changes made for the inventory pages would also affect those menus.

Adding a space to close any get_item() menu will be easy. Adding arrow keys to highlight what would be selected when pressing enter is more difficult, since get_item() menus show the inven/equip page then wait for a key or mouse press, rather than using the menu API.

About the action labels being the key press rather than a sequential index, this is something I want as well, but I have not figured out how to get the menu subsystem to do it. (Colored text as well.) NPP has done it in his mouse support patch, but I still have to go through the patch to see how he did it and see if it applies to angband.
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