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Bucolic Verdancy
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[BUG] [SANGBAND 1.0.2] [Win10] Game crashes when entering Left Panel screen

Hello everyone,

I'll avoid my usual ramble and keep it short and sweet. I'm experiencing a consistent 10 for 10 crash in Sangband 1.0.2 from the site below when entering the 'Left Panel' screen in Display Settings in Windows 10. I have come to rely on these data (noise, weather, etc) and would really like to have them back. Is there a configuration file I can set it up in, to bypass this? I assume it's been abandoned for so long that there's no hope for any patches, pretty much ever again.


[User Path]
User enters game
User presses '=' [Sangband Options]
User presses '4' [Screen Display]
User presses '>' [Layout]
User presses '>' [Game Crashes, would have shown 'Left Panel]
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I'm probably the only one revisiting Sangband. I had not encountered that bug, it seems to me that it has to do with config.txt, where you can change resolution of certain windows in this fashion:

[1536x960 screen: Display mode 0, Term-0]
Visible = 1
WindowLeft = 0
WindowTop = 0
WindowWid = 1536
WindowHgt = 960
BorderLeft = 0
BorderTop = 0
BorderRight = 0
BorderBottom = 0
Font = 14x20xrb.fon
TileWid = 14
TileHgt = 20
Keys = 1024

Perhaps try to fiddle with this file on the root of the game.
In any case, I'll note the issue for my variant Tsangband that builds upon Sangband code.
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