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PosChengBand 32x32 tileset

Hi all, I've been working on building a tileset for PCB for a while now. I've been using the old tiles from as a base as well as some of the obsolete tiles from Dungeon Crawl (

I've been using "graf-xxx.prf" and "xtra-xxx.prf" as a guide and keeping a spreadsheet as I've had to remap many of the tiles, either as the coordinates were pointing to nowhere on the actual tileset or because they shared a tile with something inappropriate (easy to do in an 8x8 tileset, not so much in 32x32)

I was checking back every once in a while to make sure not too much was changing as new versions came out, which was fine until recently when the rings, rods, amulets etc. stopped being listed in "graf-xxx.prf", so I've no way of knowing now if any new ones have been added, any deleted, or of making sure my coordinates are correct.

Additionally I'm running into problems working out what exactly some tiles are supposed to be. It was much easier with monsters as I followed the descriptions here: (although not always as some have no description at all!) but for some of the utility and map tiles I'm a bit lost.

For a lot of it the 8x8 tileset was a good guide but it's becoming less useful as I go on as I think lots of it is legacy stuff from PCB's predecessors which it isn't actually using anymore.

What I really need is a list of tiles. Can anyone help? Progress so far:

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