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Originally Posted by Roshlev View Post
Any advice on when to go to the various towns? I know they have quests but idk what else they have.
I think you should go to the towns as early as you can, but you can be ambushed, which you can escape if you have teleport (berserkers have to do it the hard way)
Ambushes near Zul are more dangerous, don't travel to a town over deep water (nasty ambushes)

Zul has a jewellery shop and a dragon armour shop, and a place to remove mutations
Many towns have a fighters hall, where you can increase the pluses on your weapons and armour
Thalos (?) has an arena, different to Arena dungeon, has some good rewards, fight monsters 1 at a time, you can't use consumables or activate equipment there, the last opponent 2 opponents are pretty full on

Originally Posted by Roshlev View Post
What do the levels of quests and those on the map mean?
I think the idea is that a quest of level 50 is roughly equivalent to the difficulty of dungeon level 50, but quests are harder than that
The difficulty of a quest can vary depending on your character, it seems to me that stealth and distance attacks make quests much easier
In my view you want to do the mimics quest in Morivant as early as possible (for the items in the quest), and to get to the mimics quests you have to do the tengu and death swords quest in Morivant
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Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
for instance the Serpent no longer has a hunger attack
The serpent never had a specific hunger attack. Rather, having charge drain resistance converts its "hit to drain charges" into "hit to drain food".
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I think the arena (1 on 1) still allows eating e.g mushrooms. Not that useful but in rare cases it helps. All other item use/activations are off though. [Based on PosCheng experience]
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most relevant with mushrooms of cure poison but possibly of minor relevance to fast recovery and great relevance to snotlings
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Fun though not really unexpected fact: devicemasters can still use their chosen device type in the Arena, and Alchemists can use their potion infusions.
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