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Does anyone have any idea of whats to come in the next update?

I'd like to be able to dismemeber enemies making them either immoble (if a leg gets chopped off) or useless in combat (if their arm gets cut off)

I'd like to be able to "become" legendary charachters and by that I mean if you are wearing the full set of equipment belonging to say ecthelion, balrogs will sometimes recognize you as Ecthelion and they will become enraged that you killed their leader Gothomg or flee in terror for the same reason, the same could go for orcs if you "become" Turin except the orcs that do recognize you will only flee bacause of the prowess of Mormegil and not be enraged

I'd like to see heavely guarded armouries that would be difficult to get into but rewarding once you do get in

New enemy: drummer troll increases morale of enemies

You ocassionaly get a message saying "you hear cries of agony" or "screams of pain" or "you hear a fair voice cry out" for the first two pieces of dialogue you will come across an elf being tortured, if you are quick enough to save him/her they could thank you and reward you before fleeing the dungeon, for the last piece of dialogue you could find an elf desperately fighting of some enemies and of you save him/her they will accompany you for the rest of the floor to clear out enemies

A "title system" if you complete certain achievements you will unlock titles such as "of Gondolin" and when you are creating your character you can choose a title of your choice "of Gondolin" would only be compatible with elves and when using it you start off with a hauberk and a Shortsword of Gondolin, same goes with "Of Doriath" but instead of a shortsword you would get a spear I know this defeats the challenging purpose of the game but it would be a great help to players who are not the best at the game like myself

A new type of dwarves "petty dwarves" they get a stealth affinity
and food becomes a bit easier to find in the dungeon

Please let me know what you think of these ideas and tell me if I should keep posting suggestions or just stop if they are terrible

And one last thing, can someone please explain how the damn dive system works I can never tell what weapon is good or not I just judge if they are good by name which is obviously not a good Idea, I typically use spears or a longsword of bastard sword if I can find them
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