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Beginners Question

Hi there!

After being depressed for a while because of some really inconvenient and, as i felt, unpredictable deaths, i finally started liking the idea of a game giving me years (maybe) of playing time until i'm ready to win... i enjoy slowly building up my monster "database", slowly finding out about the specific dangers of a monster, even these moments of "should i allow it to hit me a few times in order to find out what it does? or will i be dead?", i really start loving this!

But somehow now i'm a bit lost. i guess it's not a very important issue anyway but i was thinking about it a lot, and i can't really decide:

i've got this little beastman chaos warrior (clvl21) with some nice mutations like str +4 and free action (by the way, does the +1 STL coming wit free action actually mean anything?). I'm wielding a chaotic long sword (+8,+9). For a lot of time i was a bit unlucky, didn't find ANY resistance stuff until dungeon/character level 20. But now i found the phial, a steel helm of seeing (see invisible/immunity to blindness) and finally a defender lajatang(+11,+7, +7AC, immunity to paralysis, res acid/electricity/fire/cold, feather falling, see invis, regeneration).

At first i was really happy, but soon i realized that i liked the chaotic effects of my old blade a lot. i guess it's a bit stupid but i'm really wondering if this lajatang thing is much better than my chaotic long sword...

i mean i have free action/see invis anyway and i didn't find many useful rings so at the moment i could wear a ring of levitation without giving up anything useful.
which leaves the resistances/AC/regeneration... regeneration is nice of course and i guess resistances are important, but well, the way my chaos sword confused and teleported my enemies was (usually) really helpful too, especially in fights against masses of orcs.

so my question is, do you think it would be completely stupid to continue using the chaotic long sword?
hmm, i guess (and fear) the answer is YES, YES, YES! IDIOT!... but i thought asking can't hurt really liked my dear little chaos sword... i'll shed some tears for it...
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