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Scandinavian Keyboard Layouts

Well, I'm trying to debug a problem with regard to alternative keyboard layouts and Hengband. I'm not sure if this has been fixed in Angband or not.

Take a look at: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb....ers/index.html

Especially the pictures at the bottom. To press the '@' key on the Icelandic layout, for example, one presses the right alt key and the Q key simultaneously.

Windows generates the following messages in a normal app:
WM_KEYDOWN : 0-17 1900545    //17 is 0x11 CONTROL
WM_KEYDOWN : 0-18 557318145  //18 is 0x12 ALT
WM_KEYDOWN : 0-81 537919489  //81 is 0x51 Q
WM_CHAR : 0-64 537919489     //Bingo ... 64 is ASCII speak for '@'
The problem is in Main-Win.c, we take that last WM_KEYDOWN for the Q key and pass it off to process_keydown() which says, yup, I got it. So we return 0 back to Windows for the WM_KEYDOWN, and Windows says OK, guess you don't need that WM_CHAR after all.

I'm just starting to debug this, and am in over my head. I'm wondering if this rings any bells with anybody. I need to get Angband (well, Hengband) to not think it likes that Ctl+Alt+Q on the WM_KEYDOWN so that Windows will oblige me with a WM_CHAR for the '@' key, which is correct for this keyboard layout.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,
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