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I was going to add this into another thread, but it started expanding and I decided to make it its own thread.

I think that ditching the current definitions of GOOD and GREAT altogether is the way to go. I think I tried to explain this on IRC, but probably sucked at it, so I'll try again. First I guess I should go through what we currently have. (FORCED_GOOD and FORCED_GREAT are my terms)

Right now GOOD means:
Has positive AC bonuses or combat pluses if a weapon or armor
Is one of a small set of jewelry, amulets.
Is a dungeon book.

FORCED_GOOD (distinguished from good in that it is dropped by a DROP_GOOD monster, a vault spot)
Has a 10 level boost to base level
Same as GOOD

GREAT means
Is an ego (if a weapon or armor)
Is one of the same set of jewelry, amulets as GOOD items
Is a dungeon book.
Gets 1 roll for an artifact

FORCED_GREAT (distinct from GREAT, these have to become GREAT either by being dropped by a DROP_GREAT monster, or a vault spot, or by failing a special artifact roll)
Is the same as GREAT
Gets 4 rolls for artifact

My proposal would be to:

0) Remove the weird mechanic that a failed special artifact becomes FORCED_GOOD, FORCED_GREAT

1) move the random roll determination of good and great into make_object. This eliminates the difference between GOOD and FORCED_GOOD. (and btw GREAT and FORCED_GREAT)

2) All good objects get a +10 boost to level. If they are a weapon/armor/light, they get a chance to become an ego. (prob something like level/2/100). They do not get an artifact roll.

3) All great objects get a +20 boost to level. They are automatically egos. They get 4 artifact rolls.

4) The formulas for calculating good and great objects will be different. The chance that a normal object will become good should be something like:
(level*2 / 100)

The chance that a normal object will become great should be something like:
MIN(level/4 , 15)

5) No exclusion of consumables from DROP_GOOD or DROP_GREAT. As long as the level of the object is in the appropriate range, that object can be dropped.

My guesses as to what will happen. Artifact frequency will drop considerably, possibly too much. High end staves/scrolls/rods will increase in frequency, enough that we may need to increase their rarity. Egos will be rarer, although there will be less junk items littering the dungeon, since more monsters will drop squelchable items.
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