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Originally Posted by TricksterWolf View Post
I appreciate the response and am not trying to criticize (you guys are all awesome srsly), though I did need to vent a bit. I just don't know why:

// Names must match enum order in z-msg.h.

...isn't somewhere around line 245 of variable.c.
Because you didn't submit it? I'm pretty sure that anyone who wants to help document the code is very welcome.
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In all honesty? I'm actually not too good on the how-to-integrate-all-this-crap thing at the moment.

At present, I'm idly modifying my build and on occasion update my repo, but it's already pretty far from ang. I don't know how to separate out the changes that might benefit ang and/or submit them without duplicating work.

It's been a pretty rough go, in part because I cannot search some of the files properly. In most cases I think it's due to the preprocessor mangling things or the undocumented details being handled in one or two tiny places, but I suspect my IDE may be missing something due to the syntax that makes code look like comments in a couple of the files. It's hard to find stuff like, every place a particular stat is mentioned, for example. A lot of the changes I want to do are simple rewrites to names and descriptions for essential parts of the game.

At present I have a new scheme and setup for the attribute system (no naming changes but the stat values are all different and some calculations at birth have changed), redid all the sound files, am trying to add/remove some from the design, and have the monster and item lists planned for the next changes. As much as I want to handle folding in Z-like stuff (like separate spell categories and new spells and racial powers), those sorts of things are much, much harder to puzzle out so they'll be coming later.
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sound message wat

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