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Movement controls: A critical look

So, After dropping FAangband until the next version (Waiting for F1-F12 to work in macros) I return to vanilla for the classic taste of angband. After living in the overworld of FAang and getting hooked to using shift and ctrl + numpad, I try to figure out how to duplicate the feature in V.
AFAIK, there's three main ways you can control your character's movement in angband by default, each with pros and cons.
roguelike (vi keys) is good if you're used to them I guess, but a bit unintuitive, and in the rare cases you have a split ergonomic keyboard, SW is broken away from all the other direction keys.
The numpad option is actually two options, very similar, but affect the rest of the control scheme in very different ways.
If numlock is off, the advantage is that you can use shift and ctrl to run and alter quicker and easier than having to tap . and +. the disadvantage is the right next to the numpad is a perfect bank of 10 keys just begging to become macros for your favorite mage or priest. However, angband sees those keys as exactly the same as the unnumlocked numpad, so no dice.
If numlock is on, you can use those keys as macros, but at the cost of losing the shift and ctrl advantage. shift disables the numlock for some reason, causing shift 3 to become Pgdn, and ctrl 3 isn't even SEEN!
I'm sure this is fixable, in one of three ways, most preferable first.
1) Fix the numpad with numlock so it isn't seen as the same as the arrows/pageup/down/home/end keys when shift is pressed, have it return shift-numpad0-9.
2) Seperate the keymaps so with numpad off, Angband can tell the difference between the two sets of keys.
3) third party program that'll remap one set to F13+ or some other spot not usually found on the keyboard.
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