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Adventures in FayAngband

This is based on the comp 104 character Star Phive. I decided to keep of list of all the things I found. In addition, I also noted which stuff was ID'd by use (IDBU) and what I considered to be useful at the time. Nothing earth shattering here, but since I went through the trouble of creating it, I might as well post it. What was nice is that all the item bearing uniques dropped useful stuff. In the end, the Iornmanish aspect of Fay killed off this character. All he needed was a up staircase.

Level 1 : Achieved CL 2.95 : Recalled to Town : 172 GP
Useful Finds : Unknown Scroll (of light)

Town : Spent 171/1 Remaining GP : Recalled Lower (DL2)
Purchases : Prayer Book #1, CLW x2, PD x4, ID, Obj Det, D/S Loc, Det Invs, Leather Gloves
IDBU : Scroll of Light.

Level 2 : Achieved CL 5.60 : Recalled to Town : 262 GP
Useful Finds : Arrows x16, Food x2, Slime Mold x2, Unknown wand (of light)
IDBU : Potions of Resist Cold, Apple Juice, Water, Heroism, Powder Vial of Darkness x5, Scroll of Treasure Detection, Blessing, Summon Monster, Darkness.

Town : Spent 262/0 Remaining GP : Recalled Dive (DL4)
Purchases: Lantern Oil, PD x3, ID, CLW x4, CCW, Boldness, Cure Disease, Treas Det x4, Leather Boots, Metal Shield
IDBU : Wand of Light.

Level 4 : Achieved CL 8.20 : Recalled to Town : 394 GP
Useful Finds : Wand of Light, Mushroom of Paranoia x5.
IDBU : Powder Vial of Blinding Flash, Wand of Haste Monster, Potion of Confusion.
Uniques : Squish (killed).

Town : Spent 394/0 Remaining GP : Recalled Dive (DL6)
Purchases : Prayer Book #2, PD x5, ID, Treas Det x3, Obj Det x4, Pot of Stealth, Hunting Bow, CCW, Prot Evil, Arrows x40.

Level 6 : Achieved CL 9.35 : Stairs Lower (DL7) : 297 GP
Useful Finds : Slime Mold x6, Mushroom of Paranoia x7, Purple Mushroom x2 (of blindness), Grey Mushrooms x7 (of confusion), ID, Unknown Wand (of wonder).
IDBU : Potion of Disease, Mushroom of CLW x8.

Level 7 : Achieved CL 10.65 : Stairs Lower (DL8) : +154/451 GP
Useful Finds : Potion of Heroism, Leather Gloves +2, Hard Leather Boots.
IDBU : Wand of Wonder, Mushrooms of Blindness, Confusion.

Level 8 : Achieved CL 12.00 : Recalled to Town : +241/692 GP
Useful Finds : Scrolls of Treasure Detection, Object Detection, Shields of Resist Cold, Resist Acid, Unknown Staff (of treasure location), Rusty Wand (of haste monster), Potions of CLW, Stealth, Resist Cold, Powder Vial of Blinding Flash x3.
IDBU : Powder Vial of Haste Monster x4, Potion of Poison.

Town : Spent 448/244 Remaining GP : Recalled Dive (DL10)
Purchases : PD x3, Treas Det x7, Obj Det x3, Cure Disease, Resist Heat, CCW x3, Boldness, Arrows x56, Oil x5, Fur Cloak.
IDBU : Wand of Haste Monster.
Uniques : Farmer Maggot (killed).

Level 10 : Achieved CL 13.30 : Stairs Lower (DL11) : +395/639 GP
Useful Finds : Wand of Wonder, Scroll of Door/Stair Loc, Fur Cloak, Silver Lantern,
ID : Staff of Darkness, Scroll of Curse Equipment, Tailsman of Disarming (wormtounge)
IDBU : Staffs of CLW x2, Treasure Location, Slow Monsters, Powder Vial of Poisoning x4, Heal Monster x7, Wand of Stinking Cloud,
Uniques : Wormtounge (killed).

Level 11 : Achieved CL 13.95 : Stairs Lower (DL12) : +299/938 GP
Useful Finds : Red Mushrooms x7 (not able to IDBU), Wands of Wonder, Stinking Cloud, Phial (smeagol), Rapier of Freezing (+5,1d9) (brodda).
IDBU : Malachite Ring (worn).
Uniques : Smeagol (killed), Brodda (killed).

Level 12 : Achieved CL 13.80 : Stairs Lower (DL13) : +764/1702 GP
Useful Finds : Hard Leather Armor, a Pick, Potion of Cure Disease.
IDBU : Potions of Blindness, Lose Life Levels, Slowness, Wand of Slow Monster.
Uniques : Grip (killed), Fang (killed).

Level 13 : Achieved CL 14.50 : Stairs Lower (DL14) : +255/1957 GP
Useful Finds : Wand of Light, Staff of Detect Objects, Boots of Stealth,
IDBU : Potion of Sleep, Jet Ring (cursed),

Level 14 : Died
Useful Finds : Potion of Heroism
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