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Light resist bug on shields

Not complaining, I love poschengband and play it religiously. Just wanted to point out what appears to be a bug I picked up while dual wielding shields as a shield weaponmaster. See dump:

The light resist on Gil-Galad does not apply. The star is present but the light resist doesn't stick. Unsure if related but I had two light resistant mirror shields in hands, but only seems to have affected 1 shield. Unable to really test further as these are my only two shields as such.

Note this is v5.0.3 so this may have been already addressed.
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I think this bug has already been fixed.

The mirror shield base type has light resistance but gil-galad's entry in a_info.txt didn't have it, so your character would automatically 'think' "this is a mirror shield so it has reflection and rLite" but the shield didn't actually have that property.

As of 6.0 or so artifacts automatically get the properties of their base items, so it's impossible to define a mirror shield artifact without light resist or a blade of chaos without chaos resist.
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