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Originally Posted by hernaldo View Post
Well, i have two options:
Translate FA, I make a couple of tests and it works!, y can put tildes () in the text game (for example birth.c), but not in the welcome screen (news.txt), but at least it's a breakthrough.


someone help me to include xchar into Angband, and here i ask:
nppangband remember these functions?

static const xchar_type latin1_encode
byte char_tables[256][CHAR_TABLE_SLOTS]
typedef struct xchar_type xchar_type;
my_toupper (there is a whole series of these in z-form.h...my_tolower, my_isprint, my_isspace are examples. )

You also have to grab the fonts from NPPAngband (in lib/xtra/font), because those have the extended characters in them.

But with all that, I am missing something. Because it only displays the extended characters if a message is formatted instead of printing it directly. For example, in the knowledge screen, where it uses c_put_str, it displays ['e] instead of the accented e. So I am missing a tiny part of the patch, which is why I want to find a copy of the original part of the patch so badly. I will let you know when I find it.
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