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my mini challenge—complete

Just beat Morgorth with my ironman hobbit ranger, Find. Pretty easy end fights when you can pick off the baddies, though near Morgoth's demise I figured I would step into the ring and melee a bit—I needed to do something with the heal pots.

And with this win, I have met a mini-challenge for myself: a ironman win in every class.

Now onto another challenge. I have a few in mind. (i) Attempt to win by fisticuffs alone (I will use artifacts and ego items—I'm not that good yet), or (ii) an ironman, plain-jane human warrior, or (iii) an artifactless game of some sort.

Some concerns/questions:
Re (i): I've been playing randarts ironman a lot recently but I suspect that both of these will make the brawler rather challenging—too challenging. So, I'll return to town. But I'm tempted by the idea of some kick ass randarts. Thoughts?

Re (ii): this seems like it would be a challenge early to midgame, but at stat gain time things would even out and it wouldn't be a challenge any more.

Re (iii): what sort of character should I play? I'm partial to mages and rogues, but I figure the prayer spells might be helpful to lengthen my ability to stay alive during fights that artifacts would have helped with.

EDIT: I could do (iv) some hard race/class combo. Looking at the ladder, a gnome paladin has only three wins. Thoughts

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(i) You want static arts, simply because you will need damage-boosting equipment for the win, and randarts won't give that to you unless you're extremely lucky. In the end, you'll even want to wear Gorlim for the extra +8 todam.

(ii) If you want a challenge, try something like elf paladin.

(iii) Not really a challenge, look at comp 169 for a real one

(iv) There are no real "hard" combos, just hard early game combos...
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