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Rogue magic

I'm about halfway through this HE(*) rogue character, and I find that I'm using magical items a lot instead of books. Part of it is the crazy failure rates and lack of availability, but part of it is the lack of damage.

In the early game, I never bothered carrying Conjurings and Tricks, as the failure rate of the only 2 useful spells: Tele Self & Spear of Light were too insane to use. Then I used it in early stat gain once Spear of Light got below 35% or so, and dropped my -Light/_Starlight. I'm now in late stat gain, and I've dropped it again due to inventory reasons - I'm carrying a stack of _Tele b/c I don't have rConf yet, so might as well use that.

I also just found Raal's, my second dungeon book. I've gotten like 5 Mordenkainen's before finding any other book, lol. I've decided to drop Raal's, too. If I wanted to use an inventory spot for a ball spell, I'd just carry a wand.

For magical items, I currently carry stacks of:
_Tele,-TeleOther(spell is still high failure and mana intensive),
-FrostBolt(rods), -DrainLife, _DispelEvil (considering dropping this stack)

I also carry 2 stacks of bolts for my HxBow of Power. The rods are there for extra range, and to save on 2 slots of cheap ammo(I machine gun my ranged). The drainLife is there for uniques and DispelEvil for Undead. That's 6 stacks devoted to ranged damage, if you include the ?Recharging.

Firstly, is this typical of rogue play?

Secondly, it feels like the magic books really shouldn't be this useless that I would not carry Book 2 for most of the game, and immediately drop Raal's after getting it the first time. Thoughts?

PS> Here's my ladder character for reference. Any critique/advice is welcome, too.
PPS> When did ?CureSerious and ?CureCrit become so scarce? All game, I've been constantly buying out the Temple and using them faster than I can re-plenish.

(*) Finally settled on HE after repeatedly dying as kobold, hobbit and gnomes. lol. After str/dex/int, I can't ever stack con on my rogues, and always die.

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