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Obviously doing it wrong.

So, I stocked up on all the things I thought were useful, and went back to level 100, to do away with Morgoth, once and for all. I haste self, use a stave of holiness, and when Morgoth comes into sight, I use a staff of dispel evil.

I'm a ranger, so I do my best to position myself to take advantage of the long bow Belthronding, and my quivers full of arrows, all enhanced with Tenser's Transformation spells.

EDIT: Can't forget that I was well equipped with banish and mass banish - every few turns, I had to pause to get rid of hordes of deadly bad boys. I don't recall any uniques among them - guess I've killed them all!

The best of my ranging attacks causes Morgoth to laugh off the attack. I cause him some damage, take away a couple of his life bars with range attacks, but he's still showing yellow. Then he apparently does a life drain, drawing energy from my pack.

It seems that carrying staves and wands just provides Morgoth with energy to heal himself with! Repeatedly, every time i felt energy drain from my pack, I would look, and it was a staff that had lost a charge.

Of course, he also drains mana.

I was reduced to slugging it out with him, toe to toe, and I did well. Not great, but well. I reduced him to two red bars in his life bar, he was definitely hurting. BUT - I was out of Healing, out of *Healing*, rods of Healing were all charging, and I had one remaining potion of Life. Time to bail out!! Checked mana, I had enough to tele self a couple times, so tele, zap rod of recall, and rest, only to be interrupted by Morgoth. I'm still low on hitpoints, I quaff that precious potion of Life, tele self and fail, and take a couple hits, putting me in the red again. Try tele self again, that works, so I rest, to be yanked back up into the town.

So, I come away from the fight with the idea that I DO NOT want to carry staves and wands back down to level 100.

And, I've got the daunting task of stocking up on life saving potions again.

It's a 1982 Honda GL 500 Silver Wing Interstate, my daily commuter.
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