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Donald Jonker
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Tale of the Incompetant Clergyman

So I've trying vanilla priests lately with Eddie's patch without a modicum of success. Perhaps someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong:

I roll either a Dunadan STR17-INT10-WIS18/50-DEX11-CON17-CHR14
a High Elf: STR16-INT10-WIS18/10-DEX16-CON17-CHR17
(I've tried a few trolls, but at that point, why not use a paladin?)

I spend my 500GP on:
First Prayerbook
4 Torches
4 Rations
Sling/Shortbow & Shovel, or Mace & Shovel (if no shooters)

I then take the stairs, *dEvil+bless, pretend to be an archer, and kill what I can until I hit a downstairs. If I don't have a shooter, I hang on 50 till I have enough scratch to buy one. If I run into something that I can't handle I run back to the upstairs, or die (frequently) in the attempt.

Eventually I get *dStairs and then I head straight for the stairs, and killing whatever comes by on the way, if I can handle it. If I can't, I stairscum. I don't want to stairscum, but I can't seem to survive without it. Sometimes I'll go a little out of my way to kill some worthy monster that drops, like a kobald or snaga, but I'm never able to kill them in numbers.

Eventually I amass enough gold to buy 2?WoR and a longbow, and maybe 2nd prayerbook. I recall, gather, return to depth (unless I'm feeling dejected, in which case I repeat first dive just to have a power trip).

I keep on, reaching ~800 when I hit lvl9 and get OoD. I hang in the area but have insufficient SP to use OoD regularly (even if I have WIS18/50), and standard combat remains very weak. Then, somewhere between 800'-950' inclusive, I die. Usually it's either to something fast (a yeek) or something w/ ranged attack (kobald archer, salamanders), or just something powerful and undetectable.

Any advice? It's annoying not being able to even take on a group of snagas at clvl 10, but perhaps that's the nature of the beast.

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