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FAangband 0.3.5

FAangband 0.3.5 is now available from as source or compiled for Windows, OSX, WinCE or Nintendo DS.

This is mainly a bugfix and minor feature version, and is intended to be the last of the 0.3.x series (but I've said that before). The plan is to do some more work on improving the DS port (and maybe one or two other projects), then start on 0.4.0.

Note that this is the first release of the DS source code; it's still pretty messy, but could be adapted in current form to make a basic DS port for any other variant.

Detailed changes follow:

- added (still very rough) Nintendo DS port

- made days 5 times shorter

- made taking stairs use energy again, but made the player get the first turn
on entering a new level

- hitting the enter key to bring up menus is now an option

- light fuel is no longer used when there is natural light


- stopped crashes on lighting rooms (fix by George)

- fixed delay in monster action on entering a level (fix by Si Griffin)

- made macros work properly (Irashtar)

- fixed (I hope) running, tunnelling etc crash bugs in Windows XP, partly by
disabling the 'h'andle command (which I hope to bring back later) (Zikke,
Elrosk, HallucinationMushroom, Seany Clayton at least)

- the player can rest when monsters which can pass through walls are moving
(Si Griffin)

- staves of Banish Evil and scrolls of Elemental Attacks id properly
on use (Si Griffin)

- fonts have been extended, and made to work properly in Windows (blank walls
fix due to Arralen!)

- slight formatting error in character notes fixed
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