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Reviving Iso-Angband, an isometric view addon for Angband

Somewhen back in 2003 I had been working on a graphical frontend for Angband. The project stopped for several reasons, but the idea never really let me rest. A bit less than a year ago, I got my old C compiler working again, and managed to compile the old Iso-Angband sources. Since then I have been replacing and updating a lot of the images, because I wanted to change the style from semi-realistic to a more symbolic one.

In the Roguelike Temple Forums, there is a thread about the development of the last year, including screenshots and download links. It's long but might be a good read to get an idea about the project:

Just recently, I had "updated" the core Angband code from 2.9.1 to 2.9.3 (it's a terribly old project ...) and upon the latest announcement, getter77 pointed me to this place, and said it might be a good idea to announce it over here, too. So I do

Announcement of the last release in the Roguelike Temple Forums:

Due to the exchange of the Angband code base, I have no good idea how well this works. In my tests it did, and so I have hope it will do for some other people too.



Announcement and download link for latest Iso-Angband version:

Iso-Funband, a variant based on Angband 2.9.3:

Iso-Unangband, the newest line of development for the iso view patch:

Iso-Unangband, WIP 3:

Iso-Unangband, WIP 4:

Iso-Unangband, WIP 5:

Iso-Unangband, WIP 6:
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