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In 4.2.0 the tile used for 'tamer' is using the same tile as Metalic Red Centipede. The 91/A4 tile is a red centipede, so tamer is the one that's wrong. I can't figure out what tile tamer is supposed to be (there are so many interesting humanoid tiles). Excerpt from graf-shb.prf:

monster:Metallic red centipede:0x91:0xA4
monster:Yellow worm mass:0x91:0x92
monster:Clear worm mass:0x91:0x93
monster:Radiation eye:0x90:0x87
monster:Cave lizard:0x93:0x8E

Edit: in my copy, I substituted the Druid tile 0x84:0x92 since Tamer is a Druid title.

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Originally Posted by eastwind View Post
in my copy, I substituted the Druid tile 0x84:0x92 since Tamer is a Druid title.
Thanks for posting this! That Tamer thing always bothered me. I made a couple other nice changes:

# Black Market
feat:Black Market:*:0x99:0x8a

# Home
I also submitted these three things on GitHub.
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awesome graphics

Hello Shockbolt,

i am used to ASC-II graphics and toyed around with your latest tileset a bit.
Just AWESOME, your fantasy art graphics and tiles are top professional level,
and just the best i ever encountered.

Some things i recognized playing the first steps with graphics as further
improvement ideas to you and the maintainers / developers:
(A) The magic missile bolt graphics fly "backwards" if i fire it to the right
side. There are 'only' 4 bolts of every type instead of the required 8 (one
per every direction). I guess computing them during game time isn't a
good idea. Maybe those could be added to the tileset in the future.
(B) If i play with graphics on and press Shift+M for the overview map,
the ASC map is displayed. But in graphics mode there is in the option
menu a graphic map available which is superior to the asc overview in
my eyes. So 'M' command could check if graphics is turned on, and then
display the proper map instead of ASC map.
(C) Scaling your high resolution graphics is only possible in multiplicator
steps, for example '4x2' or '8x4'. It would be cool if there would be a
percentage scale factor X and Y wise abailable, which would allow scaling
in smaller steps than now.
(D) Enabling 'Nice graphics' option results in about 15 rows displayed on my
computer screen (1920*1280 resolution). That is even less in Y direction
than what is 'required' to have all breath / spell monsters 'on screen',
even if you have already activated 'half spell / breath range' which would
require 10+1+10 rows = 21. That's why i wondered about a finer scale
under (C).
(D) To have maximum Y size of a screen available for the graphics i suggest
to have the main window only contain the graphics (that would also allow
to use for example the rectangle 16x16 font for graphics, which is not so
well suited for displaying text [character & status]. The Character compact
status is already available for a terminal window. The status line could be
included into the message terminal window. That would allow to place them
to the left of the main play window.

But again, an exceptional excellent piece of artwork from you Shockbolt !
Blondes are more fun!
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Pete Mack
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BTW: Those issues aren't on the gfx icon s. They are am issue with the gfx engine itself.
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