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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Fizzix esimated that at current pace we were about two years away from a passable V implementation. I'm guessing that's a maximum, with a caveat that I'm talking about the gameplay not the UI.
It's always difficult to estimate this kind of thing, especially as it depends heavily on how much time the different devs have to contribute to the project. I'm more optimistic than Fizzix. Particularly, once we have creature AI and most of the item/spell/breath effects, we will basically have a playable game. It may not be a good game and it certainly won't be complete, but it'll be playable.

Regarding UI, I get the impression that people are, broadly speaking, happy with Angband's input handling (though there's consensus that a unified-use key would be a good idea), so the main thing that could use work is what and how we show the player. But writing new display modules is practically trivial -- it took me about 15 minutes to write a window that would show a list of everything on the tile under the mouse, for example, and it would take a similar amount of time (orders-of-magnitude wise) to modify the default display to show the player's stats in a meaningful fashion. The design work (deciding what to display) is harder than the implementation work.
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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
There's tons left to do, but some other people who might do some of it. It would be great if you joined us, for a while at least.
In my dreams, I would. I have a new job with a fair amount of travel involved, so my already glacial pace of coding is now even slower. Had I won that lottery this week, I would have been happy to help out. (1) (2)

(1) Actually, if I ever won the lottery, I would just hire a devteam to do everything, and it would be done in a matter of weeks.

(2) Don't get your hopes up. I don't play the lottery. I like the saying that the lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math.
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