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Originally Posted by Selkie View Post
This thread is a good place to wish everybody in the group a merry Christmas. May 2022 be a rich year for balance grumbling, stupid deaths and hours of adventuring when we could be doing something more practical (like balance grumbling).

You too Selkie.

I'm on a high from having offed Morgoth with a half-elven blackguard last week.

Merry Christmas to you all
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Merry Christmas! 'D'


The nasssty elvesses will attack you unprovoked; Father Christmas doesn't seem to attack at all. What a jolly old soul! He was helpful to me for target practice because I didn't yet realize you find the average damage/round for missile weapons by looking at their ammo details, not at the weapon details. ; ) So I used him as a big red pincushion, then left him some rations as a thank you.

The elves seemed to show up more frequently (25%?) than Father Christmas (10%?)--but going down to the first floor of the dungeon and popping right back out seemed to give them another chance to appear.

In the reading of Tolkien's "Father Christmas" letters that I listened to on YouTube, he all but maybe twice refers to his elves as "red," so I suppose that's why these are "red-hatted" (he once refers to other assistant elves, "green elves," distinct from the red ones). (Mostly though he was assisted by his sometimes bumbling yet good-hearted polar bear, named "Polar Bear.")

Bumbling video version of the seasonal encounter in old Angband town:
My Angband videos
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Best wishes to all
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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
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Yes, I just ran in to Father Christmas and his elves just the other day earlier this week.
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Pete Mack
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I saw Saint Nick walking with his Elves
He was doing the werewolves of London
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