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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
I mean .. come on, do you remember curses from the earlier versions? How many times i wielded a weapon Of Morgul and basically had to suicide the character.
Yes, and you're surely not advocating a return to those days!

The #1 way the game should kill the player is through hubris: tempting them into doing something they really should know better than to try to do. This I firmly believe. Giving the player power at a price is an excellent way to do this.

That said, it sounds like you're mostly objecting to the term "curse" here. I'm having trouble coming up with a term that's thematic, a good match for the mechanics, and implies that the effect can be removed through some magical means (as Remove Curse does now). But if you come up with one, by all means make a suggestion.
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Sure, not all of the curses are really curses--though those 1 resist/1 vulnerability cases are genuinely detrimental once you get past the early game, as every character typically has full rbase from armor/shield of resistance/elvenkind or an artifact equivalent. But that's not really a game-breaking problem. Sell prices are genuinely broken, and will need to be fixed in some eventual release. The workaround is to play the game as it's meant to be played these days, with the no-sell option turned on.
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Two things. Yes, i do object to the term curses, but also because curses can be removed. Ring of Teleportation, for example, should not be {cursed} . And lets not confuse the stuck on curse of epic objects of evil like the one ring and the crown of silmarils with a minor curse.

Regarding sell_on, sell_off, it's a difficulty setting not unlike Permanence, without which the game is substantially easier. Tu quoque, Brute.
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Pete Mack
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Sky-- Teleportation IS a curse--it's a permanent curse, just like the sticky-wield on the One Ring.
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