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Red Sky Grishka
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PosChengBand Ninja

Hi! i was just wondering, for the ninja class, what kind or armours can they wear? thanks! Also, should i play a mighty high-elf ninja or a nimble shadow-fairy ninja?
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Wearing shields incurs a strength and speed penalty. Wearing "heavy armor" (which I think is the same as monk, 10lbs + (0.4lbs *clvl)) also incurs this penalty. Generally speaking, you can't really wear much of anything that's made out of metal for quite awhile

It doesn't really matter though, ninjas really only get hit if you've made a big mistake or if you're unlucky with monster energy. Their ninja invisibility game is one of the most overpowered things in the game, IMO, but it sure is fun. I barely paid attention to resists at all for most of the game. As long as your target can't oneshot you, you can probably deal with it.
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