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Funny RNG results today.
Startet a Rogue on v 4.0.4. Got Detect Traps&Doors at level 8. Cast it a few times (about 5 or more, i think).
Surprised there were no fails. Checked the spell info: 50% fail rate. Really?
Payed attention. The next 10 castings were also successful. The 11th one failed (by now character level 10, fail rate down at 44%).
So about 15 positive results in a row, at a nominal fail 50% chance each time.
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I noticed something similar with my dwarf priest casting clairvoyance. Succeeded the first several times in a row despite ~50% fail rate.
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Just came back and started playing yesterday ! I started in early 90s and quit around 2009. My character who had the most amazing kit died from a offscreen hit (breath) at like dlev 77ish and some unique summoned a bunch of stuff in a room. I remember this single video game experience well and how screwed I was lol../tramua. I’m still salty as this character was amazing(ragequit), but think I fell into the trap of seeing how high I could get. I still remember thinking I shouldnt have died that easily.

Anyhow at character level 20 .. 2 artifacts and a ring of lightning [+13]

There’s a lot of differences too.

Forgot how much fun this was ! Now do people still go deep as possible/locate next to stair and if worth it venture forth? It’s coming back to me slowly. I’m trying a black guard out
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Welcome back, Nicodimas!
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