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If you want some use for all that gold you're accumulating, just buy out everything in the Black Market. The shopkeeper will restock. It's a crap-shoot (an expensive one), but it does give you something to do with your cash.

I'd like to see the black market stop carrying ordinary weapons and armor. Generate the same number, but they should be ego's.
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Premise: The majority of valuable items should be found in the dungeon, not bought. Therefore, the amount of trade with shops (the bm in particular) has to be limited. You can do that either by limiting the supply (current state) or limiting the amount of currency.

If you want the latter, you end up with prices balanced for endgame @s and hence the bm will be ignored completely untill then since there are no items affordable before @ has collected 40 levels worth of money.

I think the current state is preferable.
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Have money occupy an equipment spot (25,000 gp/slot carried or unlimited single spot in your home) and nominal weight. For the iron-man types it remains irrelevant (squelch), for those who wish to play the money game it's available and a bit more realistic and for the rest it can be largely ignored if they so choose.

The concept could be over-developed (types of coins vs. gems carried in different types of chests etc etc) but I doubt it's worth the effort.

I've personally no complaints with the status quo but that'd be my 876274 AU worth of thought on the subject.
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Blackmarket loses value only after quite long into the game, where it is mostly about getting bonkers artifacts and consumables. Rarely about a sweet Great weapon.

There are some stuff that IMHO are too rare to have a slot for just a single item. Rod of Healing works as a slot for a while, but not after you are starting to hit the really big uniques. Rod of Speed actually works all the way to Morgoth pretty much. Rod of Restoration is a nice.

If not the Rods, definitely the staves. Just have ridiculous prices. Staff of Healing, Staff of Speed, those will always be carried around until they go poof with recharges really, etc. 200k for one? I'd pay it right away in the end game if I had it.
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