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Ok, thanks guys, this game never ceases to interest me tactically.
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And when you can find them, mushrooms of clear mind are life savers - they cure confusion and give you resistance to it for a while.
My current character(H-Troll warrior) is at dlvl79 with no resistance to confusion and it's a real headache (the joy of randarts!). Now, if only I could find a mushroom of clear mind...

EDIT: So much for that character. Just fell asleep with my finger on the up arrow. Woke up half a minute later to find a tombstone. Checked the messages and found that I'd had an epic 6 page battle with a nightcrawler. Ho hum, them's the brakes. Rather than needing pconf, turns out rWhisky would have been more useful...

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So Peppers IV is now at dl22 and rolling, the exact same situation crops up...hammering a friggin regiment of forest trolls and Mr. Beige X comes up behind...I also was under the influence of a !bourbon, but gobbled a clear mind shroom and had sweet revenge. Treading very carefully as Ive not seen a single source of FA, and this is where paralyzers start showing up. For the record, please neuter your zephyr hounds, for their own sake. Update shortly.
One does not simply stop playing Angband.
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Ahh man, it always sucks to die with unused money / consumables that you totally could have spent but instead hoarded. But it happens on almost every death.
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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Umber Hulks are quite fragile, so yes, just trying to attack would eventually have worked. Assuming you were fighting in a corridor, only one ogre would've been able to attack you at a time; you should have had enough HP to be able to tank several hits (and, as you said, you had a stack of CCW, each of which ought to have cleared out a few rounds' worth of ogre attacks).

But yes, speed would have saved you. Umber Hulks are only at normal speed, so by hasting up, you can drink CCW and then phase/teleport (or just attack the Hulk) before it can get a chance to re-confuse you.
yup, I've used this same tactic many times, retreat to corridor then engage, once the umber hulk sneaks up on you, you might get lucky enough to land a few hits even while confused scaring him off, drink CCW and clear confusion then beat the crap out of the ogres or phase door or teleport and heal up.
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