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Random dream I just had.

Random Dream I just had, but I am posting because it was remarkably consistent and cohesive which is rare for dreams I have:

I was trying to decide which news article to read. I was half ambivalent, but picked one about terrestrial rocks and space... or something. I don't really remember much about reading the article, but the dream came alive when I was suddenly on the surface of a large, smooth earthen like rock. Instead of reading the article I was narrating it as if I was an expert on these types of rocks. I was speaking out loud as if I had an audience, saying that such smooth rocks with this type of shape were given to space travel and that this particular specimen ... was... well... was the best known example in nature. The rock itself seemed to be just hovering in a museum like exhibit, except that it was outside (or at least the museum had no roof?) and the sun was hot on the surface of the smooth rock, but the sky was black, as if the rock and the entire exhibit was hovering in outer space. The rock was probably 40 feet tall or more, with lots of contours, and overall smooth (which somehow lent to its space-faring properties).

Below the rock was another museum-like exhibit. It was very dark and cool--like a deep subterranean cave. It was somehow connected to the exhibit above. There were some museum ushers that were there for security, because this exhibit also had some special space-faring properties--as though it was actually some special NASA facility that NASA actually used for its latest space going technologies. I was eyeing the exhibit, but wouldn't get to visit it just yet.... [sorry, Elon Musk does not enter into the dream].

When I was done with the first exhibit there was a bamboo/rainforest type exhibit--basically a square path that walked around an open, airy green rainforesty thing and there were people/scientists (almost like university scientists) in here and they asked if I was looking for something (as if the place wasn't actually an exhibit but rather a private University thing only for members of the University who were studying it) and I took offense to this as if I could only walk through the exhibit if I was looking for something? I made some kind of smart retort, something like "I need to be looking for something to view the exhibit?" as I walked through the exhibit and I think they were giving me dirty looks. Snobbish much? was my thought.

After leaving the exhibit I entered a section of the 'museum' that was ... India? It was lots of light colored sandstone structures belonging to some spiritual culture that gave me the impression they were Indians (as in the Subcontinent). It was hot, and they were happy to have me walk through their little village. There was one hut I entered and the Indian inside wanted me to climb up the ladder to a little, cramped alcove or something where he did some --incomprehensible to me-- prayer ritual with hands going up and down and some fast talking in Indian. "Okay, okay..." I thought to myself as I tried to leave. I wasn't too interested in the Indian village overall. Somehow my mother was there as well. The village wasn't strictly a museum exhibit, it was a real life village--it was almost as if I was in some weird, high-tech futuristic dimensional-gate museum where when you enter an exhibit you are transported to the special, real life place of which the exhibit was about. And not some holographic "avatar" of the place, but the actual place.

So anyway, my mom was there and I was thinking because the sun was intense and it was hot my mom's tan would make her look like a local woman to the culture and people would think she was Indian, (at least until she would start speaking I guess?) Somehow this felt auspicious to me, and whoever else we were there with agreed, but I don't really know why.

I walked around the little Indian sandstone village for a little bit but was intrigued by the dark sub-terranean "space rock" exhibit I spoke about in the second paragraph. I was on my way to leave the village but I accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in the first little hut of the Indian who wouldn't let me leave until I climbed his ladder and he could do his little ritual on me again. I tried to explain to him that I entered his hut in error but he wouldn't have any of it--for some reason I couldn't just leave where I came in. I had to climb his ladder and I guess I could only exit out the top of the hut so I had to endure his pontificating. I didn't want to offend him and got the impression if I had just tried to push my way passed him it would be the same to him as if I had taken something from his shop and tried to leave without paying for it. So I let him do his thing again as he went on and on castigating me rapidly in his mother tongue, the gist of which I made out to be something to the effect of: "no, no, no, no, no, no, you must go through the ritual; you cannot just leave; you Americans always in such a rush, you must learn the wisdom of my culture" but he was speaking in his own tongue, not English, so who knows what he was actually saying.

When I was finally outside again I left the little sandstone village. I thought I could vaguely hear my mom calling me, wanting me to join her somewhere, probably back inside the "pablo village" but I instead passed by the rainforest-like exhibit and gave them sideways glances as I did. I was heading back up to the dark, cool subterranean exhibit with the similarly shaped rock as the first exhibit. It was time to finally see what it was about.

As I approached I had the idea or premonition that if a certain special person with certain unique attributes were to enter into the exhibit and go to a certain spot on the rock that they would activate some kind of electromagnetic field--something to do with the unique location of the other smooth rock of similar shape and properties as the first exhibit. The dark, subterranean location of the rock somehow created some kind of electromagnetic anomaly that only would present itself if a person with the right type of electromagnetic makeup(?) would stand or hover in a certain spot low down, beside the rock, deep within the exhibit. This would, in turn, open some sort of extra-dimensional gate or wormhole or something. (???) The ushers of this exhibit weren't rude, but they seemed to take their job seriously and I don't recall any conversations with them, though I vaguely recall some small, privileged group getting some kind tour or private instruction on the exhibit and that I was trying to eavesdrop a bit in hopes to learn something about it I didn't already know.
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