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yes its strict honor system ofc

but if a few ppl start running and ppl pay attention to the play im sure viewers will be able to ID an abuser

Reality hits you -more-

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skip 24

When Derakon mentioned skip 25 I thought how silly, surely no one tries that? But then I was bored, so I set level skip to 24 and gold start to 15,000 (too high!) and rolled up my favorite combo: HT/Warrior. I had a pretty good start:

I went on to win the game. I didn't have deep descent on, but I did put on disconnected stairs to discourage level scumming. I will not post the whole adventure as I am a slow and boring player to watch (my game took 14 hours), but I may post highlights since I did record the entire thing (it took about 13 hours 40 minutes).
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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I think a good system for adjusting gold at the start to make level skip games more fair is to add 125 starting gold for each level skipped. So if playing with skip level is 1 (the default), starting gold is 600. If level Skip is 2 then starting gold would be 600 + 125 = 725. For a level 24 skip game, starting gold would be: 23 X 125 = 2875 + 600 = 3475.

Here's a failed attempt I just did, but that is demonstrable of how feasible (and fun) this mode of playing is. The starting gold feels quite right to me.

Here's another amusing/fun failed attempt:

This one I really shouldn't have died. Needlessly threw away a promising start. :-/ Starting supplies were some light armors, 30 phase doors, 40 charges of wands of wonder (2). No weapon. 22 CLWs. 4 Infravision potions. 5 ?Magic Mapping. 1 Detect Evil (which I forgot to use at the start).
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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Ha, that's awesome. I'm glad players are able to do experiments like this now.
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speed, speedrun

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