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Cryptband looking for testers

This is the first public release of Cryptband, and I'm looking for a few testers to provide feedback! Mostly I'm interested in quashing bugs and balancing monsters.

* Only Windows is supported right now. Cryptband is a .NET application (framework v2.0 required). It may be possible to run the game on Linux using WINE or Mono, but I haven't tried either.
* This version only supports tiles, no ASCII. ASCII support may be added in the future as I have time.
* The help files are almost non-existent. Keyboard commands are documented, however, and the game should be fairly intuitive for Angband veterans.

Download Cryptband v1.5
Download Cryptband Source v1.5 - Visual Studio 2008 project

There are several huge differences between Cryptband and Angband. In general, Cryptband is a much faster game.

* There are no stats (STR, CON, DEX, etc...) and therefore there is no stat gain.
* You do not gain experience from monsters. Instead, your character gains experience by diving deeper into the crypt. Take care not to dive too quickly, however, or you may find yourself under-equipped.
* Your maximum HP does not go up as you gain levels.
* There are no scrolls of recall. Instead, each level of the crypt has a portal back to town which can be used only once.
* Resting does not recover HP while in the crypt. The only way to recover HP is by returning to town or by drinking potions.
* Most items in your inventory do not stack. If you want to carry three scrolls of Phase Door then it's going to cost you three inventory slots.
* Speed is divided into movement speed, melee speed, ranged speed, and device speed. An item which grants you +10 movement speed does not allow you to swing your weapon any faster. Similarly, monsters which move very quickly will still attack and cast spells at normal speed. Actions not listed above are always performed at normal speed.
* Armor provides damage reduction, not evasion.
* Elemental resistances are quantitative and cumulative. For example, +6 fire resistance means that your character ignores the first 6 points of fire damage from a given attack.
* Cryptband uses fractional blows.
* All magical items are shown as {unusual} until they are completely identified. If you don't see the {unusual} tag then you know that an item is average.
* Players are encouraged to identify objects by using them. Cursed items are not sticky, and none of the consumables should kill you outright.
* All magical devices are activated with the zap command (z).

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