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Originally Posted by clouded View Post
Hm, well I'm not sure? I first tried to sell a robe {??} and the 2 wouldn't accept it so I assumed you just couldn't sell equipables, then I tried a ring {tried, ??} and it was accepted but there is no message telling you what it was and it may not appear in the shop for you see.
OK, I'll have a think about that. Selling to the black market should ID the ring fine, maybe it should take all unID'd wearables.

Originally Posted by clouded View Post
Edit: Restore mana is super common, I have 15 already compared to 2 Healing, 1 *Healing* and 1 Vigor.

Originally Posted by clouded View Post
There's a typo in the wand of stun monster description.

Originally Posted by clouded View Post
Is there a different method of preventing yourself from getting 99 books from picking them all the time? I tried squelching them but stepping over them still picks them up.
Not sure. I thought ignoring them worked, but maybe not.

Originally Posted by clouded View Post
Monster pathfinding seems to get caught up on passable rubble, just had a berserker run up to it and stay there until I moved down a hallway into (what would be) view of it, then it came through.
Right, thanks, this has been pointed out before.

Originally Posted by clouded View Post
Terrain outside of vision not updating is fine when it's monsters opening doors and such, but it's a little strange when it's something you're doing such as firing stone to mud, earthquakes or destruction - the player knows the terrain changed but the game doesn't update it for you, the old black spaces was better in this regard. There are also situations where a monster will clearly pass through a door (viewable through ESP) but this won't be updated for you.
Hm, I think it's consistent, though - with the monster passing the door, for example, you don't know if it's open or broken. I guess having terrain revert to unknown in those circumstances might make sense.

Originally Posted by clouded View Post
Big bug: game crashed on performing a html dump ("failed to find feature 0"), though it did succeed in doing it.
Right, thanks.

Originally Posted by clouded View Post
Rohirrim displays as (+0,+0) [50,+15] <+2>, is this as intended?
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