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The Adventures of Griezmann the Dwarf

Finally itīs summer, and I found myself having a bit of time playing Angband undisturbed in an attempt to show that I now really know how to play warriors. It didnīt quite work out as expected, but here is a character dump and how the game went.

I think Dwarves are just perfect. They have a lot of hitpoints, and donīt mess up and fumble as much as the half-trolls. Decent saving throws as well. Before I left town, I did as all my other predecessors, bought 5 ClW, 5 Phd, and some extra food and light before I headed down.

I spent a lot of time (15 minutes real time) stair-scumming 50īto get a +5 feeling, which will likely be on of the Thanc-daggers, which I find incredibly helpful at start. No such luck, though. I played pretty slow and careful, mining as much as I could, and gradually bought some armor, staff of teleportation, while all the time I had a small arsenal of ClW and CsW.

Found my first artifact at 750', cursed boots of Wormtongue, which I happily wore. Got Nimthanc at 800' too, nice! I spent about two hours on 800'-850', since I wanted to be careful when i didnt have FA. Was the most boring part of the game. Eventually found some gloves of FA.

I donīt really care about other resistances at this point. After that, I quickly descended to 1600'. Found Glaive of Pain on 1100' (6 feeling(!)), which unfortunately took me some time to use efficiently (only 1 att/round).
Found Gondricam at 1650' which also covered my base resists.

Spent a lot of time at 1600' - 1750' to boost my stats. Also, poison resistance was pretty hard to come by, and I didnt want to go further. Eventually found a ring. As soon as i had 500 HP+ and 3 atts/round with the Glaive, I went pretty quick down to 3000'

Managed to screw up several times as I discovered I had forgotten to cover all my bases after ditching Gondricam, good armor was really hard to come by. Had to switch back to Gondricam again, and felt very vulnerable at 3300' with +6 speed from a weak ring and Wormtongues boots, 600 HP and 160 AC. My greates find here was a long bow of Lothlórien, giving me ESP, so I could easily stay out of trouble.

Turned out pretty great when I first found Feanor, then two decent speed rings (+9 and +10), as well as managing to scramble together most resists with only 170 AC.

I was starting to feel like a winner. I had 6 Rods of teleport other, 3 rods of Detection, and +43 speed when I activated Feanor. Also had about 20 Healing and 10 *Healing*, and lot of staves of identify and teleportation. I see no real reason to drag other stuff around.

I ended my life at 4100' when I tried to take on The Witch King, who summoned Khamul, the Dog Lord, and som Balrogs, and with a lot of Wyrms also on the level, I kept teleporting into them until a Greater Balrog breathed me out.

However, I spent only 11 hours taking my character so far, divided on two days with 8 hrs/lvl 39/3300' the first day. Am i too impatient?

This time, I also paid a lot of attention to level feelings. I would actually explore most levels with 5 or above a litte extra, and on 8 or 9 I wouldnt give up before I found what I believed to be the source. Thoughts? Other times I have just ignored level feelings, I found good stuff by monster drops anyway.
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You'd have survived with less speed and more CON. There is no conceivable reason to wear two speed rings with Feanor.
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Remember to score 6 goals during your game too
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