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Ingwe Ingweron
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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
it did??
i still find drops under rubble though.
Yes, but no artifacts
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Ahdunno, a One Ring drop from under rubble. That's pretty well how Bilbo found it. Actually lends itself to the perversity of the One Ring.

Not sure how it's calculated but thinkin' about it a real wild-card distribution would be in character. Ridiculously low chance of dropping but could appear anywhere.

Like under rubble, in a river bottom etc.
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I've found it once and I've played 3 1/2 years now. Never saw it back in the 90's. The ring was dropped by a Greater Maia.

Consequently, I found my first and only Power Dragon Scale Mail to this day, in that same game.
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Bill Peterson
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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
My greatest find of The One Ring, was way back in the late '80s, early '90s. It was buried under a pile of rubble. When I came back to playing the game many years later, I used to dig out every pile of rubble with great hopes. After a long while, I learned that the game had changed so that wouldn't happen anymore. At least I could stop scrabbling in the rocks.
I found Thorin under rubble once, years ago. Still can't resist digging rubble, I think of it as the poor mans scroll of acquirement
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Originally Posted by EugeneLesnov View Post
So, my question is how often you see the One Ring during the game?
It used to be (*) very rare; i'd estimate about once per 100 winners.

In new versions (**), it's much more common. I's say about once per 10 or 15 winners.

Most memorable was getting it from a Blue Ooze in 2001 on my birthday. I think it was around 3300'. I don't find my post in the Angband newsgroup anymore.

(*) PcAngband 1.4, and Angband 2.7.9v6 to 3.0.5
(**) Angband 4.0 and up. Don't know if it was made more common in 3.5 or 4.0
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Originally Posted by Werbaer View Post
Angband 4.0 and up. Don't know if it was made more common in 3.5 or 4.0
I suspect the change was about 3.3 or 3.4 - there were changes made to item distribution then driven by taking stats on what items were generated over the course of a game. There have actually been pretty much no item distribution changes as such since 3.5, although changing things like dungeon generation and the monster list have an effect.
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