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My first Vanilla win using an insanely powerful mage

So I won Vanilla for the first time! Here is the rundown:

Note that before I wielded Grond/Crown, all stats were *** except Strength, which was 18/160. I also had all resists covered...rConf was the only significant hole. I also had cold immunity.


- I got a "superb" feeling at 150'. I'm thinking...okay, some random deep potion or scroll. Well, it turned out to be Kelek's! Actually had to leave it at home for a bit until it became useful. Having early and frequent access to Banishment/Mass Banishment makes the game a LOT easier.

- That randart short bow was a great find as well. Immunity to fire, plus nether/disenchant resist, and +2 power. For a mage, I think nether resist can almost be included with rPois as far as importance. It is a very worrisome attack form until you can pump up your Con.

- I was rolling in speed items fairly early on too. I think I was routinely able to reach +30 by the late 30s clvl.

- Don't remember which unique it was, but one of them breathed me down to 4 HP at one point. But I was double-moving him, so a quaff, a teleport, and all was well.

- I had a VERY hard time finding rConf. By the time I did, I was so powerful that I could simply avoid/banish anything that could possibly confuse-lock me.

- Looking at the randart file after I quit, they were all based on the base artifacts as expected. But man, a few of them seemed insanely powerful, especially with stat boosts. A mage with 0% fail, 100% saving throw, and the ability to get to +30 speed is practically immune to instadeath. All of the late uniques fell, one by one, with little fanfare.

Something different next time for me. I've never played many priests, perhaps it is time. Or a mage with ironman restrictions, perhaps.
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Congrats! Good luck with the priests.
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