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Good incentives to play V?

I have been introduced into the world of *bands with Z and Tome. I have tried V, but from what I saw while playing 3.0.9, it seems monotonous with no terrain streams or wilderness, amongst other things. It also seems too much of a leverage from what I've heard to use a small weapon, such as a whip, for multiple hits, and the armies of hounds that are found in mid-game does not sound too pleasant...

So, what does V have that would make it preffered over Z and Tome? Please answer!
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Pete Mack
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I'm not much of a fan of ToME-style wilderness, so I like V's basic setup. If you want terrain in a V world, there's always NPP. (And NPP Rogue is a gonzo class.)
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... It's the original, and therefore the best.
... it supports the 32x32 graphic tile set.
... it has an active maintainer who's quick to add any crazy suggestion as an option.
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It's also a great "control" reference point for putting the divergent variants into perspective. I love the fine line that V walks between progressing the game's evolution and staying true to the original archetype.

Big NPP fan, too, but I always come back to V for some reason. It's my favorite flavor of ice cream, if that's any help.
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