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Mikko Lehtinen
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[Fay] Limiting food stacks

I just realized that it is really simple to limit food stacks to, say, three items.

This would bring the time limit common in most other roguelikes to Angband.

I'm going to test in Fay how this feels.

I've already removed the Satisfy Hunger spell and made food more expensive. And you can't just keep returning to town for food in Fay because dungeons aren't infinite, and you can't always find stairs back up.

I want to balance this so that the time pressure isn't too tough, but it should be meaningful.
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Mikko Lehtinen
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 1,246
Mikko Lehtinen is on a distinguished road
Fay is already too difficult but don't worry too much about the difficulty creep.

I can always do something like making good or out-of-depth items more common. Which might be a very good idea in a high-risk variant where you are supposed to die a lot.

Warriors should probably require more experience, though. I think they are easier than the other classes at the moment.
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