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Crash due to referencing object deleted by drop_near()

Rather than clutter the Vanilla board, I'll discuss my findings here. Original thread is here

In summary, there is a repeatable crash if a monster picks up an object and that object is destroyed when the monster dies due to lack of floor space. The 'birth_stacking' flag seems to be ignored (the save file in the referenced thread has stacking on'.

In obj-pile.c in drop_near() there are a couple of chunks of code like this:

		/* Message */
		msg("The %s %s.", o_name,
			VERB_AGREEMENT(dropped->number, "disappears", "disappear"));

		/* Debug */
		if (player->wizard) msg("Breakage (no floor space).");

		/* Failure */
		if (dropped->known) {
			delist_object(cave_k, dropped->known);
		delist_object(c, dropped);
and in delist_object() we have:

	/* Don't delist an actual object if it still has a listed known object */
	if ((c == cave) && cave_k->objects[obj->oidx]) return;

	c->objects[obj->oidx] = NULL;
	obj->oidx = 0;
I'm thinking that when an object is picked up by a monster, it's not being removed from the 'cave' completely.

In mon_move.c in process_monster_grab_objects(), the code which performs the pick-up is

square_excise_object(c, ny, nx, obj);
monster_carry(c, mon, obj);
square_note_spot(c, ny, nx);
square_light_spot(c, ny, nx);
square_excise_object() just calls pile_excise() - but nowhere does the code seem to touch cave_k->objects[obj->oidx]

Hopefully this helps track down this nasty
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