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Randart Generation

I know in the past that randarts were a bit OP the majority of the time, but was something done to adjust this? Why I ask is that for two games in a row I have found a number of randart weapons that are absolutely pathetic. One in particular that was the first artifact I found in the game in question was a tulwar with standard dice and +15 to hit +12 to dam. It was an ironman game and I was so disappointed by it that I nearly cried. I then found a Maul of Gondolin a bit later that granted telepathy so I felt better, but I don't think artifact weapons should be that weak ever.
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It all balances out in the end. For every under powered artifact there'll be another four totally overpowered artifacts waiting to be found.

The hardest part of playing randarts is not having early access to the thancs
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I guess it balances out, but it just seems sad for something to be an artifact weapon but be on par with a standard enchanted weapon. Like here I just found another example that is even worse.

Rapiar of Hiath (1d6) (+6, +8)
Can not be harmed by acid.

I think that there should be a bare minimum for artifact weapons. Even if that was just slay orcs or slow metabolism. Even if it had no additional abilities and the value was instead placed in enchantment bonuses, +6 tohit and +8 todam are just absurdly pathetic.
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Not too long ago someone found an artifact amulet of adornment. Plain artifact rings with no abilities except not being destructible by lightning have also been found. I dunno, it doesn't bother me. I find it a bit amusing, and I agree with Selkie that it will balance out sooner or later. You gotta put up with pathetic artifact weapons to have a chance at absurdly overpowered 13d8 ones.
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Never had that happen to me. The problem with it all balancing out is sometimes it is a real kick in the teeth on the risk/reward ratio. Do standarts have any completely worthless artifacts? I don't think so. If I struggled into a vault or killed a dangerous unique and find an artifact it should at least be of situational use. Okay, that rapier I mentioned earlier could be useful, if you are on DL1-9, and don't get more than 2 blows with an unenchanted dagger. However, I found it on DL 42, after raiding a lesser vault at much risk. Sure it could have been something else not worth the risk once inspected closer, but it being an 'artifact' adds insult to injury.

Though with all of that said, will it make a huge difference for my enjoyment of the game? Not really. The idea of a lame 'artifact' itself bothers me a lot on both practical and conceptual levels, but it doesn't ruin the game for me. Though it nearly did ruin the run in question. I will still use randarts about half the time too.
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Pete Mack
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The paur* gloves, gondricam, elvagil--
All are nearly junk, as they are strictly inferior to other common artifacts or ego items. Yes, you might use them for a few levels, but they don't increase the strength of your character by much.
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The paur* gloves should be deeper and brand your weapon. I said that a _loooong_ time ago, I thought it was implemented at some point ?

Not sure...I rarely play with standarts.
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There are horrific cursed artifacts and you guys are complaining about simply weak ones?
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