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Cool [sil] Brainstorm about what to do now (650ft, near a forge)

Here is my character.

I found a forge with 3 uses. I have merely 15 Smithing, and no +smith equipment at all. Is it worthwhile at all investing in artifice now? Another idea would be taking Weaponsmith and carve 3*24 (+3) arrows, which is also nice, since my character is a bit of an archer.

Yet another possibility is to look a little bit more around the level, in a hope to grind some XP, and maybe improve smithing to 16.

Your ideas?
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Damn, if you didn't already have lore master, you could have made a loremaster helm and saved the perception XP.

A helm with listen is good, or some equip with a melee ability that might cost a ton to buy later. Or boots of speed if you dont already have sprinting, but you only need enchantment for that.

I might just make +2 rings of evasion -- your Prot score is about to become a lot less useful.
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I would craft double weight armor and get heavy armor mastery and embrace protection... but I'm insane and suck at smithing. Listen to Debo.
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It all depends on what you are building towards. I'm not convinced you could usefully use artifice yet and you may not want enchantment with your build because of the xp cost on future abilities.

You have invested in stealth, but I'd rather have some +1 evasion boots. Narsil will only get you so far (unless you dual wield it) so you may wish to create a dwarf mask. Sometimes it is actually worth skipping the forge until you have higher smithing or a clearer need.

"Grace is another alternative.
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