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Pete Mack
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saru--it is only one spell that does such extreme damage per turn; the other spells aren't nearly so unbalanced. Punishing players who don't double down on higher resists seems a bad way to go. (Currently, ONLY Mana storm does more than 275 damage to a fully buffed player with all resists.)
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I assume you're referring to the suggestion of increased player damage from fastcast? Now that I think about it that could be rather annoying; back to the drawing board I guess....

I was under the assumption people had more of a problem with fastcast rather than manastorm, sorry for misunderstanding!
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How about if, when Fastcast ends, the player is Muted for ~10 rounds and can't cast spells?

Then you get players less willing to abuse the power of Fastcast if it's in a long fight scenario, but it's still useful as a "oh crap I need short term power" move. And smart mages can supplement their muted turns with devices.
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