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A collection of dead paladins

Looking at my high score list, I've got in slots 3-6 Dunadan Pallies.
#1 - L50 winner 1.44 M turns(human warrior)
#2 - L41 on DL 70 - killed by Azriel 1.35 M turn (human mage)
#3 - L34 on DL63 - killed by time hound 641 K turns
#4 - L33 on DL80 - killed by great wyrm of thunder 415 K turns
#5 - L33 on DL52 - killed by death mold 578K turns
#6 - L29 on DL49 - killed by Gorlim 385K turns

#6 - greed from a good level feeling mixed with no rConf means that Gorlim's waterbolt was deadly.

Now #5 is really stupid, I tried to take my frustrations out on a death mold for having a cold hound shatter !Wis (because I had rDisenchant) and suddenly, what, I'm dead?

#4 was cruel, because I was dead at -1HP, but the wyrm was faster than I was so I'd have been dead anyway. I got too big for my britches thinking I was ready to tangle with it at all.

The others are all big breathers and faster than me at the time I met them. The warrior had 800+ HP, perm speed in the 20s, and a handful of haste staves by the time I got this deep.

I think I've solved my own problem by listing out what killed promising characters and noting the common factors. Still, I'll post the final dump of the most recent death to see if anyone else has other thoughts.
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Ack - I just realized that YASD #4 is stupider than I thought. With a bow of extra shots, I would be doing more damage than with my scythe, and it wouldn't matter if I was afraid.
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