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proposal - !Mana restores 100 SP

i propose to tone down the overpoweredness of the potion of restore mana.

Keep everything as it is now (cost, rarity) but make it only restore 100 SP instead of the entire mana pool.

right now, !Mana is the SP equivalent of a !*Heal - ALL your SP pool is refilled.
Considering that a maxed out character will have about 1000HP but only 300SP, then 100 SP would be about the equivalent of a !Heal.
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Darin is on a distinguished road
Really like that idea. If we need it, maybe have a really deep and rare !*Restore Mana.
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DavidMedley is on a distinguished road
I'm not saying this is better, but I think it's worth considering that it could restore a certain percent of SP.
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Adam is on a distinguished road
I would go with the fix 100 instead of %.
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Bogatyr is on a distinguished road
Not necessarily in favor. But if it is reduced, then its frequency should be increased, and/or added to the normal store inventory in town.
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EpicMan is on a distinguished road
Maybe make it more common / shallower with it recovering only 100 mp, then have a deeper, not-in-stores potion of *restore* mana that recovers all.

I think I will add that in to Oposband.
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