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Well, now you mentiond necromancers, it seems reasonable to have them desiring to defeat morgoth to gain power in their own right.

Afterall, a similar case is mentioned in Lotr when discussing what would happen if someone overthrew Sauron with the one ring, ---- and in several early Tolkeen sources I've read there are references to an evil wizard existing in the elder days, ---- though I don't believe Tolkeen ever actually finished deciding upon his story, so necromancers seem a quite consistant class to me to have in the game even if their motives for defeating morgoth aren't precisely noble.

As to the fays and spirits business though, as far as I understood the lost tales, the Maia were originally children of the valar, ---- such as oss`e being the son of Ulmo, while the fays and such were said to have a far more neutral nature, not owing loyalty to anyone in particular, ---- and in this way I could see them as much more likely adversaries for Morgoth, ---- who's quite able to aggrivate someone neutral into becoming his enemy, ---- than houseless spirits of men or elves essentially possessing boddies.

Their position is also made clearer in one of Lewis's sf books which also references Numenor and was dedicated to tolkeen, ---- though of course that's a secondary source sinse that also referencesa lot of it's own mythos as far as the worlds' essential powers goes.

Again though, ---- just my thoughts. The gameplay addition sounds cool, ---- and as you'll guess I'm really looking forward to the no sale option being added to the game.

I admit I do rather like debating obscure points of Tolkeen with people, ---- so if I'm getting too random, offtopic or simply not making sense to a *band discussion, ---- appologies.
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