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How to run OmnibandTK 1.5

Hi, I can't get OmnibandTK 1.5 to run, 1.4 does but 1.5 won't, anyone have any idea?

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Ironshod Al
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There are plenty of possible reasons why it doesn't run, so a bit more information is probably needed. Do you get any error messages?

I downloaded from the variant download archive, unzipped it to C:\Applications\Games\ominband and double-clicked angband.exe. This worked just fine. I was able to launch vanilla angband, create a half-troll warrior, enter the dungeon, kill a couple of centipedes, return to town and commit suicide.
My computer is running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. The user running angband.exe has administrator privileges.

So a couple of likely reasons for your problem could be:
  • that you downloaded the source code instead of the compiled game.
  • that you forgot to unzip the file and just double-clicked angband.exe inside the zip-file
  • that you unzipped the file to a folder which is protected in some way.
  • that your Windows user doesn't have the necessary privileges.
  • that you're on a newer version of Windows (8, 8.1 or 10).
  • that you're not using Windows at all. angband.exe requires Windows in order to run.
If you are running Windows 10, you may have to play around with compatibility mode to get the game working. I have never used Windows 10 (or 8 or 8.1), so you'll have to rely on the help of others if this is the case.
In Windows 7 you change compatibility mode by right-clicking angband.exe, then select 'Properties' and then browse to the tab controlling compatibility mode. Modes like 'Windows XP' or 'Windows 7' would be the modes I would try first.

I tried to find Omniband 1.4, but never found a useful link anywhere. The closest I got was PCAngband 1.4 on As such I can't test if version 1.4 works on my pc.
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Cheers that worked, seems I was trying to unzip the source into 1.4 directory.
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