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[3.3.0] Corrupted save files

Hey all,

I've been trying to find any info I can on the subject, and I've commented on one or two posts, but they were quite old so I'll post a new as well.

I recently started playing again and upgraded from 3.1.1 to 3.3.0. I ported a character over and, while a few oddities happened, it worked fine and I pushed him to dlvl 50. Nothing unusual happened, I hit "Save" then "Exit" from the menu, powered down and went to bed. The next day I was greeted with all my windows, including the main, showing the recent message log. Hitting any key caused a "broken savefile" message and exited Angband.

Frustrated but thinking maybe it was something to do with the char port, and disliking some of the cheating I'd done (cheat death a couple times), I started over. I quickly pushed the new guy to lvl 30, dlvl 25 and had what felt like an awesome character coming along. This time I was smart: I backed up my savefile every time I saved it, and frequently when going to town, and the folder was being backed up by Carbonite as well. Sat down tonight to play and, guess what, "broken savefile" in the same way. Any attempt to use an old file resulted in the exact same problem. I'm getting the feeling that it never successfully saved in the first place!

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, nothing funky going on that I'm aware of. My save for the un-cheated char is attached, if anyone can help. More, though, I'm quickly going to be forced to stop playing if I can't even save the game
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