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Originally Posted by ISNorden View Post
You'll be happy to know that the Midgard Serpent is one of the four Big Bad Bosses that I've saved for the endgame in Norseband; being able to sail out and track him down is a must. (Somehow, just walking up to Thor and handing him the hammer in mid-battle doesn't feel the same!) The other Big Bads will be Surtr (the fire giant who burns Freyr), Fenrir (the wolf who swallows Odin), and Garm (the dog who mauls Tyr). Nidhogg, the dragon under the World Tree, will become the Super Big Bad: the player doesn't HAVE to fight him after beating the first four bosses, but (like Melkor in ToME) Nidhogg will challenge veteran players who want a special victory message on their character sheet.
Your comments made me imagine a Norse variant where when you retire Ragnarok starts and you just fight giants, monsters, and other uniques until you (inevitably) die.

(Also, I recall Garm and Tyr fight each other at Ragnarok, but it was Fenrir that bit his hand off wasn't it?)
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Originally Posted by d_m View Post
(Also, I recall Garm and Tyr fight each other at Ragnarok, but it was Fenrir that bit his hand off wasn't it?)
Yes, when they bound Fenrir, they had to have one of the gods hold his hand in Fenrir's mouth as proof that they weren't just trying to trick him into getting tied up (nominally the purpose of binding him was to let him demonstrate his incredible strength by bursting the bonds). Tyr demonstrated his courage by doing this, and lost his hand in the process.
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