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Therem Harth
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Better light sources

For Vanilla and similar:

Early light sources are pretty poor. Radius 2 light is a big improvement on radius 1, but still annoying to work with.

It would be interesting IMO to have really bright refuelable light sources, with a radius of 8 or more. Magnesium torches anyone?

For ToME2, PosCheng, and other zany variants:

How about non-permanent light sources with unusual effects?

Hand of Glory
A mummified human hand with a wick in each finger. Don't ask where it came from.
Makes the character invisible, stealthy, and non-aggravating while it burns. Radius 10 light.

Ghost Lamp
A pretty red paper lantern, whose light casts more shadows than it dispels.
Provides see invisible while burning. Radius 8 light.

A gourd with a grimacing face carved into it, and a little candle inside. It's said to repel evil spirits.
Provides ProtEvil while burning. Radius 6 light.
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