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Pete Mack
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Killed by Morgoth and his minions

Last week I decided to try playing a full-caster and try diving, so I picked Dwarf Priest. (dump). I was getting lucky in the CON department, finding Isildur and Cambeleg preposterously early. Then I found Thorin, which replaced an ordinary small leather shield. With 600+ HP, I could really move.

I was doing well, getting to dl 99 at cl 44, and killing Sauron at 910K turns. Then it was time for Morgoth. At that point, I'd killed 60 out of 94 uniques.

I needed base speed +20, so I put on Belthronding and Ingwe, as I did for Sauron, and used temporary resistance for rFire. That worked OK, except for a nasty moment when Morgoth summoned the Tarrasque and friends. But I Portaled away safely, and waited for M to return. My only real form of combat was Orb of Draining, and Morgoth was healing about as fast as I could kill him. So the level was filling up with his summons, and I was running out of !speed, and Morgoth was still at 9 stars. Anyway, to make a very long story short, he killed me when I was trying to escape from yet another massive summons.

I doubt I'll try that again. It's one thing to kill Morgoth as a Mage, with 400 dam/turn and plenty of ways to get rid of summons. Killing Morgoth with Orb of Draining and no Wrath of God is another story. (I found at least 3 Kelek's, and as usual, no Wrath of God.) Without some form of banishment/destruction, drawn-out battles are very scary indeed...

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