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Sangband - questions about latest offical/unofficial version

I've just got back to playing Sangband after a very long time; the last version I played was 0.9.9 beta 13 and there have been a lot of versions since then. I haven't read through the changelogs for every update, but I'd like to ask some questions about the latest ones.

I have imported a character from the old version; maybe this wasn't such a good idea as a lot of things have changed about the way skills are learned etc and some costs etc and items may have got messed up. However, one of the most noticeable things was that my average damage using Karate (with 100% skill, maxed Dex, near max Str and the Oath of Iron has gone from over 100 to around 35, yet I still only get 2 blows per round despite the note in the latest changelog that the number of blows should increase. I was wondering if this is an intentional change, or if the code to make the number of blows increase has only been partially implemented so damage per blow has been reduced but the number of blows not correctly increased.

I also remember from the old version that the Wizardry skill was meant to give resistance to mana-draining attacks (at least it says in the help files that it should,) but did not actually do so. I always assumed this was a bug, but I have found the same thing seems to happen in the latest version, ie even with fairly high wizardry, monsters that drain mana are always successful. (This is with a new character, not one imported from the old beta)
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