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NotMorgoth is on a distinguished road
How many people have actually been killed by Morgoth?

Title says it all really, (I'm also including being killed by things summoned by Morgoth): While he is the biggest and baddest monster, people always make sure they are well prepared with speed, consumables etc before going down to DL100.

The only times I can imagine someone not being extremely well prepared for the big fight is in ironman games, if you are trying to break the record for low turncount or it's a competition game and you need a very low turncount to get ahead of someone.
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PowerDiver is on a distinguished road
Me, a few times. An additional reason is boredom. I get to the point where I can kill any other monster with impunity, so it's time to finish even if the outcome is unsure. I've actually got a game on hold right now where this is the issue and I haven't decided whether to go for it or not.
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Nemesis is on a distinguished road
I've never been anywhere near Morgoth myself but in forum posts and ladder logs I've read quite a few entries of Morgoth victims.

Except for the reasons already mentioned in this thread it seem that many players die when Morgoth and his summons do nasty things to the player in suprisingly quick succession. Mana storms and nether bolts and that kind of stuff, I think. They probably think "No, I'm not wounded enough to need teleport/heal THIS turn, let's hit him one more time and heal when he has attacked me again." And then Morgoth or one or his summons or something get a double move.
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Pete Mack
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Pete Mack will become famous soon enough
I've been killed by M several times, especially in NPP.
He plasma bolted me for how much?

Also, especially as a priest, it's sometimes hard to do enough damage to more than scratch him. In that case, the summons are likely to fill up the level until you have nowhere to run.
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emulord is on a distinguished road
People die from Morgoth all the time in Mangband, mainly because the real time aspect makes it so even if he doesn't double move, you don't have the reflexes to *heal* in time.
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bron is on a distinguished road
I've never been killed by *Morgoth*, but I've died as a result of fighting with him: at some point in the fight I get in trouble, I teleport away, and some other nasty (usually something summoned by Morgoth earlier) is waiting to kill me when I re-materialize.
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Djabanete is on a distinguished road
I've had to back out of the fight before when things were looking grim (both against Morgoth in Pos, and the Serpent in Entro), but never been killed by the end-boss.
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My last character died to Morgoth. It was the first time I'd ever been defeated by him. It was entirely my fault though.

I completely agree with Eddie though, I go down to face Morgoth when I'm bored of playing the character (or in this last case, I knew I wouldn't have time to play for a week or so, so figured I'd finish up this character for better or worse.)
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